We have come up with a few “outside the box” volunteer opportunities for our community. This has resulted in some creative outlets to spruce up our environment. Kye recently dropped off a bucket full of painted rocks. RASKC staff had a blast using them to decorate our upgraded pet food bank, and they have brightened the space up as you’re approaching our front doors. See video below, images and Q&A with the artist: Kye!

Thank you Kye for thinking of RASKC and sharing your hobby with us

video credit: Tiffany Morin, volunteer pet publicist co-lead

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself and about your volunteer project.

A: My name is Kye.  I am 34 and an animal lover.  I am originally from Texas but have lived here since 2018.  I absolutely love it here.  During the pandemic, my partner and I started painting rocks as a hobby.  We ended up making so many that we now have a colorful, beautiful rock garden in our yard.

Q: What inspired you to paint rocks? 

A: My partner is the one that got me into painting rocks and then I became obsessed with it.  It was a way to pass the time at home when we went into lockdown in early 2020.

Q: How many rocks did you paint and how long did it take?

A: I am guessing I did about 40 rocks and it took me almost 70 hours.

Q: Which painted rock is your most favorite?

A: I think the rocks I am most proud of are 2 with blue and silver dots, one of a cat and one of a dog..  The dots were very time consuming and I had doubted how they would turn out but I am very happy with them.

Q: What brought you to RASKC?

A: I have always been interested in doing volunteer work, especially with animals.  However, I had not found the time to do so.  But, last year I was required to do community service hours.  Working with animals was my first choice but due to the pandemic I was unable to do in person volunteer work.  So, after getting in touch with RASKC and discussing what options there were to fulfill community service hours, we ended up landing on this project.

Q: Tell us about the pet in your life?  

A: I have a 6 year old dog named Skye.  She definitely has Border Collie in her but I am not certain what else.  I have raised her from a puppy after a friend of mine found her on the side of the loop in Texas.  Although it was challenging raising a puppy, I stuck with it and she has been a light in my life ever since.