Who is this handsome doggie? It’s Auggie, our Pet of the Week! This senior Havanese was brought in by his previous family because they could no longer care for him. Auggie lived in a home with one cat, and is sweet and affectionate. He would be thrilled to cuddle up with you at home! Auggie […]

Meet Anne! RASKC is extraordinarily happy to honor Anne Watanabe as Volunteer of the Month. She is very generous with her time, super skilled, and awesome in so many ways. Last year Anne contributed the most number of volunteer hours on RASKC’s Tukwila Petco Cat-Care Team. In addition to faithfully working weekly shifts pre-COVID, she serves on the leadership team, filled in frequently, and provides so many cat transports!

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Say hello to Domino, our Pet of the Week! This sweet boy was brought in by a good Samaritan earlier this month. He is an affectionate lovebug who would be thrilled to cuddle up with you at home! Domino is an “Easy Going Green” cat that loves to be petted non-stop. He also enjoys climbing […]

Looking for a handsome, high-energy pal? Our Pet of the Week Benji may fit the bill! This young Australian cattle dog mix was brought in by his former owner because he was overwhelmed by the children in the home. Based on that history, the caretakers at the Pet Adoption Center feel that a home with […]

Meet Laura! RASKC is extremely pleased to honor foster volunteer Laura Weaks as Volunteer of the Month. For each of the past two years, she has contributed well over 2,000 hours. In fact, last year Laura contributed more than 2,600 hours. Since she began with RASKC in 2016, Laura has contributed over 6,800 hours: Absolutely amazing! […]

Look who has their eyes on the prize… it’s Bagheera, our Pet of the Week! This young boy was brought in by a good Samaritan in early August. Bagheera likes to think he’s a panther – because he looks just like one! But that’s all just appearances, though, because Bagheera is actually a gentle and […]

For our first Video blog edition, we were excited to interview Harrison Pro, a 15 year-old Life Scout with Troop 600, who recently completed an important milestone for his Eagle Scout service project which he dedicated to helping the dogs of RASKC.

Check out the full video interview below as well as the pictures that detail his amazing journey on this blog post!

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Look at that giant smile – this is Marty, our Pet of the Week! This Australian Cattle Dog mix was brought in by his previous owner because he wasn’t an ideal fit at their apartment complex. Marty definitely has a “Rambunctious Red” personality, meaning he is very spirited and full of energy. He’s also very […]

Meet Marc! RASKC is super happy to honor Marc Whitely who- during normal times- contributes regular weekly shifts on three teams at the shelter- as a “red” Dog Walker, on the Cat Meet & Greet Team, and on the Cat Area Stray Team. Marc also serves as a mentor on two of these teams. And he […]

Here’s looking at you, cat! This is Peter, our Pet of the Week. This young shorthair was brought in by an animal control officer in late June. Peter’s personality color is “Rambunctious Red,” meaning he is a spirited cat with a fun-loving personality. He is an independent kitty who likes to do his own thing, […]