There’s nothing low key about Loki, our Pet of the Week! This young boy is a spirited cat with a fun-loving personality, so he’s one of our “Rambunctious Red” pets. With all that youthful energy, Loki is a very active cat who loves to play! A couple of his favorite pastimes include chasing lasers and […]

Such a handsome gentleman – Sebastian is our Pet of the Week! This young cat is an affectionate lovebug who would be thrilled to cuddle up with you at home. While he loves being petted on his head, he’s not fond of having his tail touched. Sebastian has a “Rambunctious Red” personality, meaning he’s a […]

Meet Penny! She is one of RASKC’s most dedicated and skilled volunteers. Penny serves as Co-Lead of the Shelter Helper team. She works with the staff and other volunteers to troubleshoot a variety of issues, especially those related to the washing machines. Penny promotes quality assurance in many ways, including by sending out Tips of the […]

Affectionate, playful Dobbie is our Pet of the Week! This young boy came to us from another shelter a few weeks ago. Dobbie is energetic and LOVES to play! Lasers, wands, ropes, you name it – he will play with it! That’s why he’s one of our “Rambunctious Red” pets – he’s a spirited cat […]

This pretty flower is Lila Rose, our Pet of the Week! This young girl came to us because she wasn’t a good fit in her previous home. Her personality color is “Rambunctious Red,” meaning she is a spirited cat with a fun-loving personality. She may need some time to get used to people and new […]

Like Happy Tails? We sure do! Here’s one from Kayla about her new addition, Maci. My boyfriend and I adopted [her last week]. I believe she is 3 or 4 months now! She is literally the cutest thing ever! We are totally head over heels for her and our hearts can’t get any fuller! She […]

We’re not playing games: Domino is our Pet of the Week! This senior pittie mix is black with white spots, just like his namesake. He came to us because his previous owner couldn’t care for him anymore. Domino’s personality color is “Easy Going Green,” meaning he’s an adaptable dog who loves to go with the […]

This handsome gent is Smokey, our Pet of the Week! Smokey was brought in by his previous family due to allergies. They described him as shy and loving. He does well with other cats, and was initially brought in with his brother Pisely (who has already been adopted). Smokey has a gorgeous thick coat that […]

Meet Linda! She serves as RASKC’s Lead Volunteer in the Vet Clinic. Linda engaged in Herculean efforts earlier this year to simultaneously onboard about 12 new volunteers on her team. Linda has impressed staff and volunteers very much in the many roles that she has undertaken, including as a foster volunteer, Cat Meet and Greet volunteer, […]