There’s nothing tiny about Teine, our Pet of the Week! This young German Shepherd first came to us in early May because her previous owners didn’t have the time to care for her. Teine was adopted once, but came back soon after because it wasn’t a good match with her adopter – and that’s okay! […]

At Regional Animal Services of King County, we serve to maximize lifesaving efforts for stray and abused animals by providing shelter care, needed medical treatment, pet adoption services, responsible pet ownership education, and so much more. But we need your help. Now through August 31, you’ll find donation bins at Fred Meyer stores in Kent […]

We have a two-fer for Pet of the Week – meet Steve and Brenda! These two tabby siblings came to the Pet Adoption Center in mid-June because their previous family had to move. Like peanut butter and jelly, or sugar and spice, these three-year-olds just go together. They are very bonded to each other, so […]

Feline leukemia virus, or FeLV, is one of the most common infectious diseases in cats. It’s believed that about three percent of cats in the U.S. carry the virus. FeLV can affect a cat’s body in many ways. The virus may weaken their immune system, leaving the cat susceptible to other infections or diseases like […]

This dog may fit you to a “T” – meet Epazote, our Pet of the Week! This three-year-old Doberman Pinscher mix came to us in early June thanks to a good Samaritan. Epazote (pronounced “eh-pah-ZOH-tay”) is full of energy and loves to play! That makes him one of our Rambunctious Red personality pets. Epazote is […]

We’ve got a “Bunny” for Pet of the Week this week – a kitten named Bunny! This 11-week-old grey cutie came to us in early June. She had been staying with a foster family, where her “Easy Going Green” personality blossomed! Bunny is an adaptable cat who loves to go with the flow, outgoing and […]

This Coach is ready to play – say hello to our Pet of the Week! Coach is a young German Shepherd available for adoption. He was brought in by an animal control officer in mid-March, and was adopted once. However, he came back to the Pet Adoption Center in mid-May because he was a bit […]

While most areas of King County have now prohibited consumer fireworks, there will probably still be a few booms and bangs over the Independence Day weekend. Many humans enjoy the holiday celebrations, but the Fourth of July can be scary for our pets. The loud noises are hard on their sensitive hearing, and even the […]

Say hello to Ferris, our Pet of the Week! This six-year-old boy was brought in to RASKC by a good Samaritan in early May. Ferris is an absolute lovebug who enjoys cuddling up with people. He’s very outgoing and carefree, and loves to go with the flow. Ferris has a “Rambunctious Red” personality – he […]

Add some spark to your life with Sparky, our Pet of the Week! This young German Shepherd came to us in early May when his previous owner sadly passed away. Caregivers describe Sparky as a friendly boy who loves getting attention. He is indeed an affectionate lovebug who is full of energy and loves to […]