Meet Marilyn and Jazz! Marilyn Wallace and her granddaughter Jazz Richard have contributed immensely to RASKC’s Early Morning Cat Crew and our Tukwila Petco Cat-Care Team. In only 1.5 years, Marilyn has worked about 400 shifts – truly astonishing- with Jazz often by her side. Jazz, who is homeschooled, will be going into 10th grade this fall. She will be taking an online class in veterinary medicine then. Marilyn serves on RASKC’s leadership team at Tukwila Petco. She often transports hundreds of pounds of Petco-donated goods to RASKC. Jazz often takes on the thankless task of washing the cat-related Petco laundry at home, then bringing it back to the store. RASKC volunteering is an entire family production including not only Marilyn and Jazz, but also Candi who is Jazz’s mother and Marilyn’s daughter. The threesome not only work shifts at Tukwila Petco and at RASKC/ Kent for Early Morning Cat Crew, they also work special adoption events and help staff pet-licensing booths at community festivals. Plus they’re a foster family too. Thank you, Marilyn, Jazz, and Candi!

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GO! Catch Bulbasaur, our Pet of the Week! This sweet boy already knows how to sit and shake. Bulbasaur also walks well on a leash and would love to be part of an active home where he will get lots of exercise and playtime. Bulbasaur came to us because his previous family moved and couldn’t […]

We love hearing from our RASKC alumni! This story comes from Gail, who adopted from us in early May. I just wanted to send a small update on Koda (now named Corona) that was adopted on May 8. We’ve had her for almost two months now and she’s been nothing but a delight. Energetic, curious, […]

Fireworks are beautiful to look at, but they can be scary for our pets. The bangs and booms are hard on their sensitive hearing, and even the calmest pet can get upset by the unfamiliar loud noises. To help your pet cope with the noise from fireworks, and reduce the chance that it runs away, […]

Say hi to Mikey, our Pet of the Week! This young guy was recently brought in as a stray. Mikey is a spirited cat with a fun-loving personality. He can get a little too excited when playing, so he would do best in a home with a cat-savvy family that knows when to give him […]

pictured: Lori Mason (left), who spearhead the project, and Melissa Kelly (right) who helped in the designing of the room “I wanted to create a welcoming stay for cats until they find their forever home” says Lori Mason. Dreams can come true! Lori Mason, Licensed Veterinarian Technician and foster coordinator, has been eager to provide a […]

Give a warm welcome to Frosty, our Pet of the Week! This young guy came to us from eastern Washington. So how did he get the name “Frosty”? Once upon a time, he was running loose in the snow and got frostbite on his toes and tail. His tail had to be amputated, and he […]

Meet David! David Howerton has impressed so many RASKC staff, volunteers, and customers with his amazing dedication and gentle disposition. While a great many RASKC volunteers are extraordinarily dedicated, not many can match the number of hours and shifts that David has contributed in a relatively brief period of time. From the time that he started seven months ago as a Cat Meet and Greet volunteer, he has worked more than 412 hours over 190 shifts. While this includes the time he has contributed with RASKC pet visits to a local retirement home, it does not include additional foster hours that he has given. Simply amazing. Not only is David extremely generous with his time, his affable and helpful nature makes everyone want to spend more time with him. Thank you, David!

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Drive on down and see Chevy, our Pet of the Week! This sweet and playful boy is good on a leash and knows how to sit on command. He also loves going for walks and meeting new people. Chevy takes treats gently and would love to go to a home where he’ll get lots of […]

Have you ever seen a happier face? This is Stewart, our Pet of the Week. He’s a senior Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu mix looking for his forever home. While Stewart is a bit nervous in new environments, he simply is looking for someone who can be patient with him and take their time while he gets […]