While we really enjoy finding new homes for pets, some of our favorite moments come from reuniting lost pets with their loving families. This July, we’re happy to report that we were able to help 100 stray pets get back home! July is typically the peak month for strays, as many pets get spooked by […]

Princess came into our shelter after being picked up as a stray. We immediately discovered she had a microchip. When we contacted the microchip company we found out that she had been stolen from Roger Allen back in December of 2014. Mr. Allen had reported it to the microchip company at the time and never […]

A year ago, the Bensons family lost their cat, Boomer, when their real estate agent came over and the cat bolted out the door. After months of searching to no avail, the family moved to Federal Way sadly thinking they would never see Boomer again. Unbeknownst to the Bensons, just on the other side of I-5, […]

This message was submitted by Chuck Pilcher, a pet parent whose 11 year old Yorkie , Abby, escaped during a routine fire alarm inspection. Mr. Pilcher, who was happily reunited with Abby in less than 24 hours, sent an email to RASKC ‘s pet line describing how the happy event came about. 

I want to thank you for helping us find our Yorkie, Abby, within 24 hours when she went missing from Thursday-Friday. Here’s how it happened:

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If you ever thought that filling out a lost pet report with a local shelter is the equivalent of submitting a document into a black hole, then hopefully this story will have you reconsider.

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It’s every pet parent’s worst nightmare… someone leaves the front door open or a loud noise chases your pet away and suddenly your best friend is gone. It happens all the time, and while RASKC returned 760 pets to their owners last year alone — a success story for over 50% of the lost dogs brought to the adoption center — not all pets are as lucky. This, however, is a story of fortune and one that warms the furry heart and soul. It’s about a wonderful family reunion and a reminder of the importance of registering your pet’s microchip.

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Congratulations to Skye, who found her beloved missing kitty Rocky at RASKC this week. Totally sweet! Special thanks to volunteers Shawna, Sharon and Jeannie for great assistance. Earlier this week, Karen found her missing cat Frank at RASKC. The national “return to owner” rate for cats is about 2% and we’re thrilled that RASKC cats are […]