Meet Julie! RASKC is overjoyed to present Julie Nolasco with Outstanding New Volunteer recognition this month. Since she started last December, Julie has contributed so much to the well-being of the dogs, cats, and rabbits. She typically works three shifts each week, sometimes more – two shifts on Tuesdays as an elite “red” Dog Walker […]

Meet Lana! RASKC is deeply honored to recognize Lana Bulanova as an Outstanding New Volunteer. She has vastly improved the quality of life for RASKC bunnies and other rabbits in the region in so many ways. Lana comes in twice a week, sometimes with her daughter, to lead enrichment activities for our rabbits and has […]

Meet Megan! With tremendous pleasure RASKC names Megan Wood as a Volunteer of the Month for April 2022. She serves in many roles on RASKC’s Dog Team: “Red” Dog Walker on a weekly shift, training mentor, Dog Skills Assessor, Pet Publicist, and a member of our pre-pandemic Dog Behavior Modification Team. She also takes RASKC […]

Meet Claire! RASKC is pleased to honor Claire Wang as an Exceptional Youth Volunteer for March. She has contributed almost 1,050 hours by serving as a foster volunteer and previously on RASKC’s Kirkland Cat-Care Team. Claire and her dad started volunteering for RASKC in 2019. “I’m a senior at Newport High School,” Claire says. “After […]

Meet Chris! RASKC is profoundly pleased to honor Chris Young as an Exceptional Youth. This Renton resident walks dogs at the shelter – both on his weekly shift and on “fill-in” shifts to help cover absences. “Many years back I used to volunteer at the Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (now called the Whatcom Humane Society […]

Meet Amanda! RASKC is extremely happy to honor Amanda Radak as Volunteer of the Month for February. This Kent resident has contributed more than 3,800 hours since 2017, as a foster volunteer and by working shifts on the Early Morning Cat & Rabbit Crew, and on our Cat Meet & Greet Team in the pre-pandemic […]

Meet Lisa! RASKC is very honored to name Lisa Huff as an Outstanding New Volunteer. This SeaTac resident has contributed more shifts in a short amount of time than any other RASKC volunteer in the past 12 years. In a recent three-month period, Lisa came in for more than 60 shifts! She works on the Early […]

Meet Morgan! With tremendous pleasure RASKC names Morgan Anderson as a Volunteer of the Month. Having contributed more than 7,600 hours as a foster volunteer, with great skills and dedication, this Covington resident ranks among RASKC’s top volunteers. “Well, I totally love at the entire Anderson family. They are so wonderful and always came when I […]

Meet Patrycja! RASKC is profoundly pleased to honor Patrycja Amanowicz with Exceptional Youth recognition. Patrycja arrived in the United States less than five years ago. A resident of Renton, Patrycja has made such a positive impact at RASKC since 2019 both as a Shelter Helper and on the Early Morning Cat Crew. “RASKC is the […]

Meet Pam! RASKC is honored to recognize Pam Kocha as an Outstanding New Volunteer. A foster volunteer who has provided innumerable animal transports and the occasional donations delivery, this Federal Way resident has contributed almost 3,000 hours to RASKC since last year. Interim Animal Services Coordinator Emily Ruppert said, “Pam often provides transports for cats […]