Step on a crack, walk under a ladder, break a mirror… do whatever you need to do to cross paths with Slinky, our Pet of the Week! This young black shorthair cat would love to cuddle with you on Friday the 13th, or any other day of the year! Her personality color is “Bashful Blue,” […]

This handsome fellow is Bernard, our Pet of the Week! Bernard is a gray tabby that is outgoing, playful, and energetic! He is a very sweet boy and often meows and begs for pets, but can get overstimulated so you just need to keep an eye out for when he needs a break. Bernard also […]

We have a Duck for Pet of the Week – but he’s really a cool cat! Duck is a two-year-old brown tabby. This handsome boy is very sweet and gentle, but likes to take things a bit slow. He likes getting attention on his own terms and can get overstimulated if there’s lots of movement […]

Look at that sweet smile – it’s Ginger, our Pet of the Week! This senior Labrador/Shepherd mix is looking for her forever home. Her personality color is “Easy Going Green,” meaning she is an adaptable dog who loves to go with the flow! Ginger is a sweet girl, very affectionate, and would be thrilled to […]

Bring some color into your life with Gray, our Pet of the Week! This eight-year-old female shorthair came to us because her previous owners were moving. While her name is Gray, her personality color is “Bashful Blue,” meaning she is a gentle and loving cat who likes to take things slow. Gray likes to approach […]

Say hello to Logan, our Pet of the Week! This young, handsome boy is a big goober of a guy who could use some help gaining his confidence and being the best dog he can be. Logan would benefit from a positive reinforcement training course so he can learn his manners and people skills. He […]

A kitty by any other name would be just as sweet – meet Rosie, our Pet of the Week! Rosie is a 5-year-old shorthair calico cat. This gorgeous girl has a “Rambunctious Red” personality, meaning she is a spirited cat with a fun-loving personality. Rosie is such a sweet girl and just loves hanging out […]

Looking for a spirited, fun-loving guy? Our Pet of the Week could be the one for you! Charlie is a young pittie mix looking for his forever home. His personality color is “Rambunctious Red.” He’s still working on his manners, so he will do best with a family who is willing to work with him […]

Pet of the Week Tricksy

We have a treat for Pet of the Week – meet Tricksy! This younger brown tabby is a huge softie with a heart of gold. Her personality color is “Easy Going Green,” meaning she is an adaptable cat who loves to go with the flow. Tricksy is very affectionate and just loves getting pets and […]

Young-at-heart Chester is our Pet of the Week! This handsome senior orange tabby is an affectionate lovebug. Chester has great muscle tone and a luxurious coat. He is a little prone to overstimulation, but does love to be petted and will give you a friendly swishy tail alert when he’s ready for a break. Chester […]