Stevie is a 14 year-old, female, brown tabby & white, longhair cat (A593379). Her personality color is GREEN, meaning she is an adaptable cat who loves to go with the flow. Stevie can be independent at times, but she loves petting and will even hop up in the laps of strangers. She is usually the […]

A smile as wide as the sky – this is Athena, our Pet of the Week! This sweet girl was brought in by her previous owner as their landlord wouldn’t allow them to have her due to her breed. Athena is super sweet and affectionate, and very much people social! She has never really been […]

Need a warm snuggle buddy for the coming chilly winter nights? Check out Sadie, our Pet of the Week! This genteel older lady loves to stop and smell the roses! Sadie has a lot of pep in her step and loves going for long walks… sniffing here, there, and everywhere! Afterwards, Sadie just wants to […]

Say hello to this handsome gentleman – Dusty is our Pet of the Week! This senior boy is very sweet and loving, and loves pets from head to tail. His favorites are head rubs and scratches behind his ears. Dusty also likes the double-cheek smoosh – where you gently rub both his cheeks at the […]

Looking for a spunky, spirited boy? Look no further than Leo, our Pet of the Week! This border collie/Boston terrier mix is waiting for his forever home. He was brought in by his previous family because he had a tendency to run off property. (A well-fenced yard at his new home would be good.) Leo […]

This cat’s got mojo… say hello to JoJo, our Pet of the Week! This handsome boy is very sweet and loves to be around people. He can be the life of the party, especially if food is involved! JoJo loves puzzles and works really hard when the reward involves a yummy treat. JoJo is a […]

Step on a crack, walk under a ladder, break a mirror… do whatever you need to do to cross paths with Slinky, our Pet of the Week! This young black shorthair cat would love to cuddle with you on Friday the 13th, or any other day of the year! Her personality color is “Bashful Blue,” […]

This handsome fellow is Bernard, our Pet of the Week! Bernard is a gray tabby that is outgoing, playful, and energetic! He is a very sweet boy and often meows and begs for pets, but can get overstimulated so you just need to keep an eye out for when he needs a break. Bernard also […]

We have a Duck for Pet of the Week – but he’s really a cool cat! Duck is a two-year-old brown tabby. This handsome boy is very sweet and gentle, but likes to take things a bit slow. He likes getting attention on his own terms and can get overstimulated if there’s lots of movement […]

Look at that sweet smile – it’s Ginger, our Pet of the Week! This senior Labrador/Shepherd mix is looking for her forever home. Her personality color is “Easy Going Green,” meaning she is an adaptable dog who loves to go with the flow! Ginger is a sweet girl, very affectionate, and would be thrilled to […]