We are excited to share another WAGS adventure today! This one comes from volunteer Tessa, who brought Kermit for a home visit over the weekend. From Tessa: Kermit is going to make a devoted friend to his new family. He is a smart, snuggly boy who is easy to train. He waits patiently for treats […]

We are thrilled to announce that Django was adopted on August 31, just before closing, to a lovely couple who was thrilled to have her! Django was the last of five dogs who had been identified this summer as being part of the Honorary Class of 2018 in our Rover Scholarship Program. “Honorary” because they […]

We love receiving updates from our community. In this short post, Tessa, shared her night out with Blue! I had the opportunity to bring Blue home for the night since my two dogs were out of the house. Blue did an excellent job staying with my husband Steve and me. She is one of the […]

We are so excited to share the story of this lucky little lady who found her new family in a very special way! A few weeks ago, RASKC was contacted by TiER1 Performance Solutions, a consulting firm based in the Cincinnati area. TiER1 had received a request from a 10 year-old boy named AJ who […]

Meet Spike! A 5 year old pit bull dog who has a spirited personality. While he is still working on his manners, he does know “sit” and is eager to learn more. As Spike loves food, any experienced handlers would quickly note that Spike will be easy to teach more commands as he will do […]

Editor’s Note: We don’t normally let our adoptable pets post on the blog, but Chevy was quite persuasive. We hope you enjoy his story! My Day at the Beach, by Chevy the Shepherd Mix Last weekend, one of the great volunteers at RASKC took me out of the shelter for a day of exploring in […]

We love getting updates from our pets! Here is one that came in, giving us an update on lovely Lady’s awesome transition! Thank you Julianna for all you are doing!!!


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RASKC, along with other pet agencies, were selected to take part in a fun, community service project held at Zulily‘s studios. The project was created in the hopes of raising awareness of shelter pets by donating their time and expertise to capture the pets in a softer light, namely in a home-like setting. Zulily, which provided exclusive access to their studios and creative staff, set three beautiful backdrops ranging from playful room, to the “We’re going on vacation!” feel, and finally “This is home” vibe.

Below is an interview with the two amazing professionals that took action and got involved! (to see photos from the shoot, scroll past interview).



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We love hearing from our RASKC alumni! This message comes from Kellie S., who adopted from us about a year ago. Here’s what Kellie says: “I’m writing with gratitude about our new addition to our family. On November 14 [2015] we adopted an 8 year old Vizsla named “Bunny” (whom we have since renamed “Pumpkin”). […]

Halloween is “spook-tacular” for kids of all ages, but the holiday can be pretty scary for our pets. Regional Animal Services of King County would like to remind pet owners of a few safety tips before the ghosts and goblins come begging. Never feed candy to your pet, especially chocolate. If you suspect your dog […]