Meet Laura! RASKC is extremely pleased to honor foster volunteer Laura Weaks as Volunteer of the Month. For each of the past two years, she has contributed well over 2,000 hours. In fact, last year Laura contributed more than 2,600 hours. Since she began with RASKC in 2016, Laura has contributed over 6,800 hours: Absolutely amazing! […]

For our first Video blog edition, we were excited to interview Harrison Pro, a 15 year-old Life Scout with Troop 600, who recently completed an important milestone for his Eagle Scout service project which he dedicated to helping the dogs of RASKC.

Check out the full video interview below as well as the pictures that detail his amazing journey on this blog post!

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Meet Marc! RASKC is super happy to honor Marc Whitely who- during normal times- contributes regular weekly shifts on three teams at the shelter- as a “red” Dog Walker, on the Cat Meet & Greet Team, and on the Cat Area Stray Team. Marc also serves as a mentor on two of these teams. And he […]

Ever wonder how RASKC helps both people and pets? These services will make you feel proud to be part of the community!

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¿Alguna vez se ha preguntado como RASKC ayuda a ambos animales y el publico? ¡Estos servicios lo harán sentir orgulloso de ser parte de la comunidad!

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Meet Liza & Clara! RASKC is very pleased to honor Liza Tewell and her adult daughter Clara Koch, who have been fostering our animals every year for the past 13 years or so. So far they have contributed more than 6,000 foster hours. Foster Care Coordinator Lori Mason said, “Liza and Clara are both very sweet and love the puppies!”

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View expanded postings featuring over 20 RASKC volunteers.

To the graduating class of 2020, especially to our RASKC community of volunteers, we celebrate this moment with you and offer heartfelt congratulations. For the rest of the month, we will be proudly featuring our future leaders who have voluntarily stepped up to help RASKC in so many ways — from the compassion of helping pets, to providing excellent service to our community and more…Thank you for all you do for people and pets!

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  • RASKC volunteer role: Reber Ranch Cat-Care Team since 2018.
  • Graduating from: Kentlake High School (Kent).
  • Future plans: To study at Green River College.
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  • RASKC volunteer role: Fostering animals with her family since 2005.
  • Graduating from: Kentwood High School (Kent).
  • Future plans: To major in accounting at the University of Portland.
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  • RASKC volunteer role: Kirkland Cat-Care Team since 2014!; awarded RASKC’s Exceptional Youth recognition.
  • Graduating from: Juanita High School (Kirkland).
  • Future plans: To attend Lewis & Clark College in Oregon and to continue with my art work.
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