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Thanks to the new Jobs and Housing Program recently unveiled by Executive Constantine, at least two DES divisions will be getting extra help and people experiencing homelessness will be gaining job skills and support to transition to permanent housing. Regional Animal Services (RASKC) and Fleet Services are both hiring temporary workers through the program, which is part of the pandemic recovery package.

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RASKC commends the Feral Cat Spay/ Neuter Project, a remarkable non-profit organization with locations in Lynnwood and Renton. This terrific organization has altered more than 135,000 cats! FCSNP started in 1997 as a once-a-month clinic devoted only to feral/free-roaming cats at no cost. This organization now also alters tame cats from shelters, rescue organizations, and […]

Meet Emanuel & Kimberly! RASKC is so happy to honor Emanuel and Kimberly Juarez as Outstanding New Volunteers. This father-daughter team is super upbeat, extremely reliable, and very skillful on the Early Morning Cat/ Rabbit Crew. “I am 31 years old. My daughter Kimberly is 11 years old; she will be turning 12 later this […]

Meet Sierra! RASKC is enormously pleased to award Sierra Wollen with Exceptional Youth recognition. This Kent resident started fostering in 2013 with her mom Marlene when Sierra was a teenager. Since that time, Sierra has contributed over 400 hours! “I started fostering cats and kittens at RASKC when I was a senior in high school. […]

Meet Sharon! RASKC is extremely happy to honor Sharon Van Hout as Volunteer of the Month. Since she began in 2017 until the pandemic, this Auburn resident has contributed almost 500 hours so far- performing the sweaty, arduous work on the Early Morning Cat Crew at the shelter, including cleaning up some very yukky messes—faithfully working […]

Meet Jodi! RASKC is extraordinarily pleased to honor Jodi Reimer as an Outstanding New Volunteer. Since this Federal Way resident began as a foster volunteer last year, Jodi has already contributed over 1,100 hours! She is pictured here with her cat Teddy Tuna. Since September is Deaf Awareness Month, it’s worth noting that Jodi recently […]

RASKC commends NEKO: A Cat Café, which is a unique business that provides space where people can come relax and enjoy coffee, beer, wine, and light snacks in the company of adoptable cats. NEKO invites you to bring your friends to happy hour and to bring your niece on a weekend morning. If you’d like […]

Meet Brandon! RASKC is super happy to award Brandon Groscost with Exceptional Youth recognition. Having started on our Cat Meet & Greet Team in 2018, this Kent resident has contributed almost 300 hours. That’s incredible dedication! In 2019, Brandon contributed the second-highest number of hours of any member on the team. (Brandon’s volunteer team is […]

Motley Zoo raises revenue, in part, through its Rock Star Treatment Services, in Redmond that offers doggie daycare, pet training, and boarding. With no employees and over 200 volunteers now, Motley Zoo Animal Rescue has saved more than 3,700 animals since 2009. Their adoption return rate is less than two percent. Their save rate and […]

Meet Gabriela! RASKC is profoundly pleased to honor Gabriela López Vazquez as an Outstanding New Volunteer. She does amazing work on our Kirkland Cat-Care Team, though there has been no volunteer work on this team during the pandemic. Gabriela has a master’s degree in logistics and international trade. A resident of Kirkland, she serves on […]