“Happy Tails” are the best. These are the stories that make our day. At RASKC, the staff and volunteers spend countless hours caring for each animal that comes through our doors. The easiest going pets that are also healthy and/or potty trained are typically the first ones out. Their time in the shelter is very short […]

We’re excited to announce we’re doing it again! RASKC is celebrating our Honorary Rovers in a special way. These special pups are ready to graduate into their new homes! Thanks to our friends at Trupanion, when you adopt a member of our honorary rover class we will waive the adoption fee* and provide a training […]

We are so excited to share the story of this lucky little lady who found her new family in a very special way! A few weeks ago, RASKC was contacted by TiER1 Performance Solutions, a consulting firm based in the Cincinnati area. TiER1 had received a request from a 10 year-old boy named AJ who […]

Over the last few years Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) has gone through several transformations, putting more emphasis than ever before on connecting with the community and improving quality of life for the animals in our care. By the end of 2016, RASKC had officially reached a 90% Live Release Rate (LRR), meaning nine out […]

pictured: Lori Mason (left), who spearhead the project, and Melissa Kelly (right) who helped in the designing of the room “I wanted to create a welcoming stay for cats until they find their forever home” says Lori Mason. Dreams can come true! Lori Mason, Licensed Veterinarian Technician and foster coordinator, has been eager to provide a […]

This message comes from Alice B., who recently adopted Romeo. Here’s what she says:

“To All the Staff and Volunteers at King County Animal shelter in Kent where I adopted Romeo my new kitten yesterday….THANK YOU from me and Romeo. He did very well on his ride home and enjoyed all of the attention he received when we made a side trip into Pet Smart to pick up a few supplies. I am 53 and have owned 9 cats throughout my life, each and every one has been well loved and a true member of the family. So I think I’m in a position to say it’s obvious that Romeo was receiving excellent care at your facility and was also being given love and attention. We still have our Benny 7, and ChiChi 23 (yes, 23!) who are not too happy about the arrival of their new brother but are making an effort to get to know him. I’m not worried, I’m sure they will be inseparable buddies in no time. Romeo is already bonding with me and exploring his big wonderful new home. He plays up a storm and is absolutely adorable! I attached a few photos of him snuggling, now I know how he got his name.

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UPDATE: Toby was adopted on October 8!
Congratulations, and Happy Tails!

Toby came in to our shelter scared and terribly matted.  Because he was so matted, it was painful to be touched and even to walk, as his hair was constantly pulling on his skin, this caused him to be quite grumpy (understandably).  Luckily we have awesome people in our community that came to his rescue!

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August was another busy month at RASKC! We adopted 288 pets to new homes, and returned 79 strays to their grateful owners. And thanks to our wonderful foster volunteers, 149 pets were cared for in loving homes instead of in the shelter environment. Want to know more? We post our Statistics at a Glance every […]

While we really enjoy finding new homes for pets, some of our favorite moments come from reuniting lost pets with their loving families. This July, we’re happy to report that we were able to help 100 stray pets get back home! July is typically the peak month for strays, as many pets get spooked by […]

Catio-garage sale-banner

Help us raise funds for our Catio and Cat Colony Room!

Last year, thanks to your generous donations and crack carpentry by King County’s Facilities Management Division, we built a “catio” onto our cat adoptions building.

Now we’re looking for donations to help us complete the catio and attached cat colony room!

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