Meet Morgan! With tremendous pleasure RASKC names Morgan Anderson as a Volunteer of the Month. Having contributed more than 7,600 hours as a foster volunteer, with great skills and dedication, this Covington resident ranks among RASKC’s top volunteers. “Well, I totally love at the entire Anderson family. They are so wonderful and always came when I […]

Meet Chris! RASKC is extremely happy to honor Chris Riesgaard as Volunteer of the Month for December 2021. Of the regularly scheduled Dog Walkers at the Pet Adoption Center now, he is the longest serving – he’s been doing it since 2012! Rated top level “red,” Chris mentored quite a number of new volunteers in […]

Meet Cathy and Craig! RASKC is profoundly pleased to honor Craig and Cathy Brown as Volunteers of the Month. They are among RASKC’s top foster volunteers. Foster Care Coordinator Lori Mason said, “I love them!” Since they began in 2012, Cathy and Craig have contributed more than 6,600 hours, mainly fostering- also with animal transports and […]

Meet Sandip! With tremendous pleasure RASKC names Sandip Van as a Volunteer of the Month. She has been walking dogs at RASKC since 2014, except during the pandemic. For the past several years Sandip also served as one of the classroom instructors for RASKC’s Dog Team 101. Additionally, she serves as a training mentor for […]

Meet Jacque! RASKC is very honored to name Jacque Rump as Volunteer of the Month. In 2018 she contributed more foster hours than any other RASKC volunteer. Only one other volunteer contributed more foster hours than Jacque last year– Jacque contributed 3,769 hours then. Altogether, she has contributed more than 10,400 foster hours so far! We […]

Meet Ellie!  With tremendous pleasure RASKC names Ellie Wightman as Volunteer of the Month. In pre-COVID times Ellie contributed at least two regularly scheduled shifts almost every week at our Eastside Adoption Center in Kirkland Petco, and she has covered a great many fill-in shifts too. Since she began in 2016, Ellie has contributed almost […]

Meet Sylvie! RASKC is very honored to recognize Sylvie Wong as Volunteer of the Month. She is one of RASKC’s top foster volunteers. “Sylvie is one that is so dedicated,” said Foster Care Coordinator Lori Mason. “She rarely needs my help, but she continues to dedicate her love and home to kittens. It doesn’t matter if […]

Meet Donna! RASKC is extremely happy to honor Donna Tredway as Volunteer of the Month. Having started in 2011, Donna is one of the longest-serving volunteers on a continuous weekly shift. She has contributed over 730 shifts so far. Donna is also one of RASKC’s most reliable volunteers. For many years, Donna worked two shifts each […]

Meet Gabrielle! RASKC is very honored to name Gabrielle Patterson as Volunteer of the Month. She contributed a total of over 6,500 hours from 2013- 2020, both as a foster volunteer and a Dog Walker. Not only did Gabrielle help a number of challenging dogs and needy kittens, she also provided loving care to two cats with severe skin issues that took quite some time to clear up. Thank you, Gabrielle! 

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Meet Cheri! With tremendous pleasure RASKC names Cheri Tjoelker as Volunteer of the Month. In 2019 she contributed the most hours among Dog Walkers- more than twice as much as the person who gave the second-highest number of hours. In pre-COVID times, Cheri faithfully worked weekly Dog Walking and dog Reiki shifts. She also served on […]