Every October, we at RASKC are asked about our policy for adopting cats, especially black cats, at this time of year. Our mission is to place adoptable pets into loving homes as quickly as possible. We don’t have a policy against black cat adoptions at Halloween, as we don’t want to delay matching any pet […]

Like Happy Tails? We sure do! Here’s one from Kayla about her new addition, Maci. My boyfriend and I adopted [her last week]. I believe she is 3 or 4 months now! She is literally the cutest thing ever! We are totally head over heels for her and our hearts can’t get any fuller! She […]

pictured: Lori Mason (left), who spearhead the project, and Melissa Kelly (right) who helped in the designing of the room “I wanted to create a welcoming stay for cats until they find their forever home” says Lori Mason. Dreams can come true! Lori Mason, Licensed Veterinarian Technician and foster coordinator, has been eager to provide a […]

RASKC, along with other pet agencies, were selected to take part in a fun, community service project held at Zulily‘s studios. The project was created in the hopes of raising awareness of shelter pets by donating their time and expertise to capture the pets in a softer light, namely in a home-like setting. Zulily, which provided exclusive access to their studios and creative staff, set three beautiful backdrops ranging from playful room, to the “We’re going on vacation!” feel, and finally “This is home” vibe.

Below is an interview with the two amazing professionals that took action and got involved! (to see photos from the shoot, scroll past interview).



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That’s one good-looking cat for Pet of the Week! Gertie is a ten-year-old girl looking for her fur-ever home. She came to RASKC as a very difficult cat to manage, and was placed in our foster program to see if some home love and care could calm her. Thanks to her foster family, Gertie is […]

This message comes from Alice B., who recently adopted Romeo. Here’s what she says:

“To All the Staff and Volunteers at King County Animal shelter in Kent where I adopted Romeo my new kitten yesterday….THANK YOU from me and Romeo. He did very well on his ride home and enjoyed all of the attention he received when we made a side trip into Pet Smart to pick up a few supplies. I am 53 and have owned 9 cats throughout my life, each and every one has been well loved and a true member of the family. So I think I’m in a position to say it’s obvious that Romeo was receiving excellent care at your facility and was also being given love and attention. We still have our Benny 7, and ChiChi 23 (yes, 23!) who are not too happy about the arrival of their new brother but are making an effort to get to know him. I’m not worried, I’m sure they will be inseparable buddies in no time. Romeo is already bonding with me and exploring his big wonderful new home. He plays up a storm and is absolutely adorable! I attached a few photos of him snuggling, now I know how he got his name.

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Halloween is “spook-tacular” for kids of all ages, but the holiday can be pretty scary for our pets. Regional Animal Services of King County would like to remind pet owners of a few safety tips before the ghosts and goblins come begging. Never feed candy to your pet, especially chocolate. If you suspect your dog […]

Catio-garage sale-banner

Help us raise funds for our Catio and Cat Colony Room!

Last year, thanks to your generous donations and crack carpentry by King County’s Facilities Management Division, we built a “catio” onto our cat adoptions building.

Now we’re looking for donations to help us complete the catio and attached cat colony room!

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Great story from KIRO 7 News! Feline exterminators from our Barn Cats program are helping the King County Wastewater Treatment Division deal with rodents at one of their facilities. See the story here: http://www.kiro7.com/news/local/furry-exterminators-tackle-rat-problem/397466064 Many thanks to the RASKC volunteers who keep this wonderful program going, especially Ruth and Barb!

A year ago, the Bensons family lost their cat, Boomer, when their real estate agent came over and the cat bolted out the door. After months of searching to no avail, the family moved to Federal Way sadly thinking they would never see Boomer again. Unbeknownst to the Bensons, just on the other side of I-5, […]