Meet Kaiya! RASKC is extremely happy to shine the limelight on Exceptional Youth Kaiya Xayavong, who serves as a foster volunteer. She also spent a summer working on RASKC’s Early Morning Cat Crew. Kaiya is a first-year student at the University of Washington, where she’d like to major in biology. Kaiya aims toward becoming a pediatrician.

“Volunteering for RASKC has definitely aided me in teaching me commitment and a different level of responsibility,” said Kaiya. “As a result of fostering, I have a three-year-old cat and three kittens. They all were adopted from RASKC! Each of them has very sassy personalities and love to play fight.”

“What I enjoy most about fostering is watching the animals progress while they’re in my care. It’s a very fulfilling and heartwarming process to see a baby or once-sick animals flourish when they are given some love and a cozy home.”

Kaiya has also volunteered at a daycare in Renton and at Highline Medical Center. “Each of my volunteer experiences are always memorable and helps keep me engaged in different parts of my community,” said Kaiya. RASKC will always remember you, Kaiya!