pictured: Lori Mason (left), who spearhead the project, and Melissa Kelly (right) who helped in the designing of the room

“I wanted to create a welcoming stay for cats until they find their forever home” says Lori Mason.

Dreams can come true! Lori Mason, Licensed Veterinarian Technician and foster coordinator, has been eager to provide a more relaxing and stress free environment for cats during their stay at Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) in Kent.

“The thing about cats is that they need more space than a kennel to show their personality. Cats are different to dogs, they are not ones to solicit attention to potential adopters who graze by the cages. Dogs will bark, jump, or even make eye contact… whereas most cats will tend to just lay in their kennels. Sure, there are cats that get adopted quickly because they will walk over to the kennel door and purr or meow. But, this room was created for the cats that don’t get adopted out as quickly because they are more timid. This spacious cozy room allows for (older) cats to relax in this stress-free environment and to be seen by potential adopters show casing their personality, and ultimately ensuring that they too get adopted soon.” says Lori Mason

A garage sale was held last year which helped raise  funds for the catio and colony room’s makeover. Items were donated by staff and volunteers — a huge “thank you” goes to the volunteers who helped with the three-day drive.

If you have a chance, we invite you to come see the cat room at RASKC and watch the cats enjoy the pleasures of a home setting with the option of going outside to enjoy fresh air or take a cat nap in the sun in their new catio. We are sure it will fill your heart with joy.