R.A.S.K.C By: Arya & Ashlee Our names are Ashlee Snider and Arya Srivastava, and we are part of Girl Scout Troop 43810, made from 8 girls ages 10-11 years old. Each year we donate our leftover Girl Scout cookie money to an animal shelter, and this year we have decided to donate to R.A.S.K.C. We […]

Take a tour with our own animal care technician who will provide you with a ‘Behind the Scenes’ look at our Eastside Pet Adoption Center located inside Petco in Kirkland. Learn what it’s like to be an animal care tech, cat condos, and get a chance to see what adoptable furry friends we have waiting for you!

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Meet Christina! Christina serves with valor in the very demanding role as RASKC’s Dog Team Scheduler for the volunteers based in Kent. She works very hard to ensure there is enough volunteer coverage – but not too much- to care for the dogs for each of six shifts every day. Last year she juggled the schedules of 99 volunteers who contributed a total of 3,746 hours. As an Information Technology professional, Christina crunches Dog Team data in many ways. She can identify, for example, how many volunteers arrive on time for their shifts, and how often volunteers request an absence, including last-minute absences. Christina also worked a weekly early morning shift with RASKC dogs for over two years prior to becoming the scheduler. Thank you, Christina!

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3-volunterofthemonth_mar2017_vompageMeet Jayne! Jayne is one of RASKC’s longest serving volunteers, working in a variety of roles. Jayne began fostering about 24 years ago, and she continues to foster. Jayne helped launch RASKC’s Tukwila Petco Cat-Care Team in 2013, and she has been serving as Lead Volunteer of the team ever since. Jayne also fills in on Early Morning Cat Crew. Jayne worked several summers in RASKC’s Mission Reunite: Help & Hope for Lost Pets program. For many years Jayne worked a weekly shift on the Dog Team. She served as a Dog Team mentor and helped out with special adoption events. Jayne still helps with dogs for Comcast filming. Thank you, Jayne!

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This is the last of the nine segments which Univision Seattle, KUNS Channel 51, is proudly airing on Wednesdays at 6pm and 11pm. This segment focuses on RASKC’s Angel Fund, but provides an underlying message about its support to victims of domestic violence. Learn more about RASKC’s stories on Univision. Introduction [Anchors: Jaime Mendez and Paula Lamas] Paula: Pets […]

This is the eighth of nine segments which Univision Seattle, KUNS Channel 51, is proudly airing on Wednesdays at 6pm and 11pm. This segment, in partnership with Public Health, focuses on informing the public on the harmful effects that second and third hand smoking have on pets. Learn more about RASKC’s stories on Univision. Interview Anchor and […]

Meet Mary Beth! She is one of only a few RASKC volunteers who have contributed over 1,000 foster hours each year for the two years and who has worked regular shifts at one of RASKC’s partner stores. Mary Beth, along with her daughter Scarlett, provided cat-care and customer service at RASKC inside of Kirkland Petco in 2015 and continue on as fill-in volunteers. Mary Beth and her family contributed about 1,800 foster hours last year.

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Meet Barbara! This extraordinarily dedicated, hard-working, feline-nurturing volunteer works in many roles for RASKC, donating over 10,000 hours since 2012. Last year, as a foster volunteer, she donated nearly 2,000 hours—the most donated in 2015 by a foster. Barbra also works regularly scheduled weekly shifts on the Early Morning Cat Crew, on Cat Meet & […]

This is the seventh of nine segments which Univision Seattle, KUNS Channel 51, is proudly airing on Wednesdays at 6pm and 11pm. This segment is focused on how RASKC is partnering with Farrington Court Retirement Community to bring weekly pet visits that provide companionship both to the residents as well as our senior pets who thrive […]

We are pleased to say that the unhappy clothed dog found in a Bellevue park whose photo went viral last week is no longer “very angry.” Upon arriving at our shelter, the Jack Russell Terrier-Chihuahua mix was soon greeted by Emily Ruppert, one of our amazing animal control technicians who conducted a behavior assessment exam. Realizing Robin […]