Meet Angela! RASKC is very honored to name Angela Hei as our Volunteer of the Month. She started fostering for our agency about 15 years ago and has contributed well over 4,100 hours. Angela is extraordinarily dedicated to the animals and is a joy to work with. Foster Care Coordinator Lori Mason said, “I love her. Angela does such an amazing job with her fosters. Through all the ups and downs of fostering – because we all know how heart breaking it can be – she continues to be there for them.” Thank you, Angela!

Q: What have you gained so far from your experience as a RASKC volunteer?

A: As a foster volunteer, I have loved all the many dogs, cats, kittens and puppies we have fostered. Our kids stopped counting many years ago after we had fostered over 35 dogs. My entire family feels blessed with the love and joy we’ve experienced from fostering so many animals from RASKC.

Over the last 15+ years, we have been lucky enough to adopt four amazing dogs from RASKC as “foster fails.” Jake, our first rescue, was with us for eight years, Bandit, our first foster fail and a tripod, was with us until he was 16+ years old. Tiger and Skipper are our current family pups.

Q: How would you describe your pets’ personalities?

A: Tiger is our 13-year-old mixed breed pup who we fostered and adopted from RASKC. Tiger was an easy foster fail because he has always been the sweetest, most easy going dog ever. Tiger is big and looks intimidating but he will roll over to please a mosquito. Tiger loves people so much. When we take our dogs to the dog park, Tiger will ignore all the dogs running around him and visit all the humans for head pats and love.

Skipper is our three-year-old mixed breed (Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua?) pup. He reminds us of Snoopy in Springtime. Here’s why we named him Skipper: From the day we started fostering Skipper and his brother, he was always jumping and bouncing around in the grass. People still giggle and smile when they see him walk or run because he actually skips and prances around… like Snoopy in Springtime! Skipper is also sweet and super smart. Skipper hasn’t met a dog or human being he doesn’t like. He’s very fast and probably would be an amazing agility dog. I’ve run out of tricks and stunts to teach him. Skipper is the epitome of a lap dog. Thankfully he is only 15 pounds, so he fits perfectly. Skipper became my emotional support dog during the last two years. Now, because he has spent so much time with me, I’ve become his emotional support person. He’s flown so many times on a plane with me, he could earn his own frequent flyer miles. Skipper wants to go EVERYWHERE with me, which unfortunately doesn’t always work out.

Tiger and Skipper are amazing! Skipperdoodlehead has his own Instagram and reminds people to “Adopt Don’t Shop” and that “Shelter Animals are the Best!”

Q: Tell us about yourself.

My husband and I have been married for 24 years and have three kids and two dogs. I enjoy spending time with my family, especially our furry pets. Life is short, so I try to remember to enjoy every minute – especially the treasured moments of love and shared laughter with my family. We are a very close family and really enjoy spending time with each other.

Thanks to COVID, I was able to improve my baking, cooking, and gardening skills, though I have had very little time to do much of those things lately.

My favorite places that I have lived: Japan and Washington state. We live in such a beautiful state, but sometimes I think I should move some place warmer and drier.

I volunteered at my kids elementary, middle, and high schools for many years as an art docent, a parent helper, with the PTSA, and as an assistant coach for tennis. This year is my first year as an official (paid) coach at the local high school. I help coach the drill team and still volunteer as an assistant for the tennis team.

In the past, my family and I have enjoyed volunteering for the REACH organization helping to feed homeless families and senior citizens throughout the years. I have previously volunteered (fostered) for a rescue group, Old Dog Haven, an organization that rescues and fosters senior and hospice dogs.

Q: What else would you like to say about volunteering for RASKC?

A: Bringing home a new foster animal from the shelter is always a highlight in our home. We have so many amazing stories to tell about each and every foster animal that has come into our house. The staff in the vet clinic are always so friendly and helpful. Lori Mason has been so supportive and has always been there for us through all the years we have been volunteering for RASKC. She has taken phone calls over the weekend and responded to my text messages in the middle of the night. Lori has calmly talked me through frantic, hysterical phone calls in the middle of the day when a sick foster has passed.

Because of RASKC employees like Lori Mason, I feel like what I am doing is actually making a difference. I appreciate all of the hard work Lori and ALL of the RASKC employees are doing to help improve each and every animal that comes into their system. Thank you RASKC!