Meet Catherine! RASKC is profoundly pleased to honor Catherine Fang as an Outstanding New Volunteer.  An aspiring fashion designer and resident of Seattle, Catherine fosters RASKC animals. And she helps transport our cats to Café NEKO and other locations.

“I am Taiwanese-American and the youngest of three, born and raised in the United States. I love food, travel, science, design, fashion, dance, and animals!

“I like to joke that my kitties take after me — they’re quirky and highly food-motivated like me, hehe. They’re both around one year old. They enjoy lounging and birdwatching on my balcony, going for walks on their harnesses, and taking road trips in the car. They’re quite different in looks and personality from each other. “Tiny” aka “Banshee” is a petite, longhaired smoky tortie with a curious peach stripe on her face. In early summer 2020, Tiny came to me along with her five littermates and mama cat when she was just three days old. Tiny was just so tiny but strong, and she could fight through her siblings and make her mark. She’s smart and inquisitive and very sweet. I think she was the first or second to figure out litter box training. I loved her personality and her striking looks that just kept evolving, so I think I suspected early on that she had the potential to be a foster failure.

“Then, while cherry-picking in Grandview, Washington, we came across a dirty little orange and white shorthaired stray that looked to be about three or four months old. I brought her home, cleaned her up, and quarantined in my master bath for about three weeks before I began gradual introductions. That kitty was like the best older sister the kittens could ask for! In particular, she got along very well with Tiny. We decided to keep Tiny and “Biggie” aka Katsu. Biggie is a robust adventurer and LOVES exploring on her harness. They both love to chase and play with fishing-pole style toys, although they have very different styles of play. Tiny likes to chase it on the ground or up and down the stairs. Biggie loves to jump and fly like a bird to catch it. She takes enormous leaps and backflips that come about three or fourt feet off the ground. It’s really fantastic to watch.  

“I love volunteering at RASKC because of the fantastic team of people that I’ve met and worked with. I don’t know everyone’s names, but all the front desk staff, vets and clinic staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely willing to help. Special shout out to Sarah L. for all the work she does as the Volunteer Program Manager and for always checking in and making me feel welcome and valued in the community. Also extra special thanks to Lori Mason for pulling double duty as an incredible Foster Coordinator and Vet Tech and for being available almost 24/7 for panicked calls/text messages regarding fosters and non-RASKC animals alike! I have volunteered for other organizations, and I considered changing to one much closer to home (I live up near Bothell!) but in the end, stick with RASKC because truly, the team and support is unbeatable. 

“I previously volunteered with Purrfect Pals, both as an adoption counselor at Bellevue PetSmart and as a foster. It was a wonderful and rewarding experience!”

Thank you so very much, Catherine. RASKC tremendously appreciates all that you do to help animals : )