Meet Issra!  RASKC is extremely happy to award Issra Syed with Exceptional Youth recognition. A resident of Tukwila on her way back to college in Canada, Issra fosters RASKC animals. Before COVID, she served as an exemplary Cat Meet & Greet volunteer.

“I really loved helping people find the perfect cat to be their new family member. Having three dogs at home meant that adopting a cat was kind of out of the equation for myself. So I got my fix of cats at the shelter. It was a really fulfilling process to get to understand the personalities and quirks of the cats and match them up with their forever families. Since the meet and greet program has paused during COVID, I decided to become a foster. It worked perfectly with me being home for college as I suddenly had a lot more free time during the day.

“Since January I have fostered and adopted out six wonderful kittens. While fostering at home takes a lot of time and attention compared to volunteering at the shelter, the time spent is absolutely worth it. Watching an animal grow from being frail and sick, or frightened of humans to a rambunctious and curious kitten is magical. The only thing better than having the cats at home with me is their adoption days. Finding the perfect happy loving home, and introducing the kitten to the family is bittersweet, but so rewarding. Knowing that I helped match these kittens to their forever homes makes the goodbye worth it. I want to remember each of the kittens and the way we both have changed each other’s lives. I take Polaroid photos of each of the kittens to keep as a memento of our time together.

“Living in Washington for the past six years has shown me just how wonderful the world is. Since I was young, I have always loved protecting our planet. My passion for caring about our ecosystems and wildlife has extended to me pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. I hope one day I can do my part for this planet by working for the fish and wildlife department here in Washington or being a park ranger. Until then, I do my part in protecting nature by helping cats get off the streets and into loving homes. I also do my part for this planet by being vegetarian. Someone has to save some meat for the cats!

“My three dogs at home are a sweet bunch, and they don’t mind it at all when a kitty or two would sneak up into their bed or steal some toys. When I move out for college, I am planning on adopting a kitten of my own to keep me company in my apartment.”

Thank you, Issra! RASKC very much appreciates your volunteer contributions and all that you do to make the world a better place.