Meet Lynn! RASKC is honored to bestow Outstanding New Volunteer recognition to Lynn Ingalls. Since she began fostering for RASKC in 2019, she has contributed almost 2,600 hours! Lynn lives in Kent.

Lynn wrote, “have many fond memories of animals growing up. I was raised around animals. My dad was always a ‘feral whisperer.’ In 2019 I was approved for disability and honestly felt useless. That’s when I met another foster parent for RASKC- Beck Rubeck, who really encouraged me. I had no idea that fostering was a thing. I immediately signed up and begged for my first kittens. I have been fostering since. It has given me a sense of purpose. I am blessed to work with such amazing, supportive people at RASKC, especially Foster Care Coordinator Lori Mason.” 

Thank you Lynn for choosing to care for our RASKC animals.