Lluvia Ellison-Morales, our Administrator for Communications and Community Engagement was featured twice this month on Plataforma Latina, a Spanish speaking media platform, on the topics of Walk Your Dog Month and the various services RASKC provides. In addition to discussing animal services, Lluvia is serving as a Spanish speaking spokesperson for Seattle-King County Public Health delivering updates on COVID-19. 

“This opportunity to be able to connect with the Spanish-speaking community means so much to me,” Ellison-Morales said. “Because personally speaking, I know what it’s like. I know what it’s like to live in a new country and not be sure of processes or how to navigate systems. Whether it’s delivering information on COVID-19 or our animal services, I want to be sure our communities know we are here to help,” she added. “It’s almost a personal mission. I want to ensure that information is available in many languages.”  RASKC provides translation on its website in five languages. In addition, staff actively use Voiance, a phone interpretation system. Early on during COVID, when RASKC was setting up pet food banks, they provided flyers and videos in English and Spanish on Condado de King, the county’s Spanish-language Facebook page. A video about RASKC services is available in Spanish and English