Meet Nichole! RASKC is super pleased to honor Nichole Clancy with Exceptional Youth recognition. She is 20 years old, a sophomore Zoology major at Colorado State University, who aspires to become a veterinarian. She also served on RASKC’s Early Morning Cat Crew in 2019 and has been fostering since that time. So far Nichole has contributed almost 530 hours to RASKC. Her home is in Covington.

In 2019 and last summer Nichole fostered kittens. She said, “It became a parting tradition to let my foster kittens sleep in my bed on their last night with me. They’d sleep in their playpen up until that point, always crying for 10 minutes before they give up. It was the absolute *sweetest* thing when they’d sleep curled up against me, clearly so happy to share the night together. 

“My foster animals acted as my stand-in emotional support animals. I realized that when I had a furry companion with me, I felt happier and more motivated. My family was hesitant to allow fosters; they thought we’d end up in a foster failure situation. The interesting thing was, it became harder for me to say goodbye to the kittens the more that I fostered. Each one was a little more painful… but I knew that they would make another family SO happy. 

“Now that I am in Fort Collins, Colorado without any RASKC foster pets, my mom is going to start fostering on her own!”

A few of my favorite music artists are Now, Now; Billie Eilish; and Tame Impala. One of my favorite authors is Eckhart Tolle; I am currently reading his Practicing The Power of Now. 

Hurray for Nichole’s feeling and sharing the love and power of volunteering!