We love hearing from our RASKC alumni! This story comes from Gail, who adopted from us in early May. I just wanted to send a small update on Koda (now named Corona) that was adopted on May 8. We’ve had her for almost two months now and she’s been nothing but a delight. Energetic, curious, […]

We love hearing from our RASKC alumni! Here’s a story we received on our Facebook page from Angiee and Jason. It has been a little over a week since we adopted our furbaby Koby (Houdini). We are head over heels in love with him! He fits right in with our little family and our pug. […]

We love hearing from our RASKC alumni! This message comes from Kellie S., who adopted from us about a year ago. Here’s what Kellie says: “I’m writing with gratitude about our new addition to our family. On November 14 [2015] we adopted an 8 year old Vizsla named “Bunny” (whom we have since renamed “Pumpkin”). […]

UPDATE: Toby was adopted on October 8!
Congratulations, and Happy Tails!

Toby came in to our shelter scared and terribly matted.  Because he was so matted, it was painful to be touched and even to walk, as his hair was constantly pulling on his skin, this caused him to be quite grumpy (understandably).  Luckily we have awesome people in our community that came to his rescue!

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We love hearing from our RASKC alumni! Here’s a story from Gretchen and her family. They adopted Kahlua last year. On behalf of my family I wanted to thank you all so much for all you do! We adopted our dog Kahlua from you on Easter Sunday last year. She had been abandoned twice, once […]

Frankie was adopted in 2013 by Franki, a foster pet parent who provided the Shih Tzu with a forever home. This is her story in her own words. Learn how the Angel Fund saved Frankie’s life,  or if you are interested in learning how to become a foster pet parent, visit us at RASKC foster a pet site.

In the summer of 2013 I met a wonderful little nine-month-old male Shih Tzu, named Frankie. He was severely abused by being kicked in the face which resulted in his lower jaw being broken in two places and went permanently blind from the head trauma.

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