March 15, 2018

Happy Tails: Lady and Sally

Seeing our recently-adopted pets in their new homes fills us with joy. We also enjoy sharing those “Happy Tails” with all of our followers… so here are a couple of updates!


This Happy Tail comes from Brook.

I adopted a mini dachshund named Lady from your Petco location in Kirkland. She joins a golden/lab Phoebe rescued from Seattle Humane, dachshund Hiro from the ASPCA in Long Beach, Calif. and three rescue cats. It’s a full house for sure! Here’s Lady relaxing with Hiro.

If there is a way to let her previous person know she’s doing great, that would be awesome. I understand she was a gift from a grandchild, so I’m guessing it was an older person. I can imagine it’s hard to give up your pets. Thank you for everything you do.


Our thanks to Natasha for sharing this Happy Tail.

Hello, I just wanted to give an update on Rivers (now Sally). She’s the perfect fit for my grandmother! Her deep eyes just lock on you and you can tell she has so much love to give! I am so glad we came back to visit with her!

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