April 6, 2017

Pet Update: Koby

We love hearing from our RASKC alumni! Here’s a story we received on our Facebook page from Angiee and Jason.

It has been a little over a week since we adopted our furbaby Koby (Houdini). We are head over heels in love with him! He fits right in with our little family and our pug. Thank you for this special soul! We couldn’t be more happier!

I adopted a kitty a few years ago from you guys. His name was JoJo. When I got him he was so sick… He had renal kidney failure. We were told by your amazing volunteers, and our vet… they only expected to have him around for the max of 6 months. I love the older cats and just wanted to give JoJo a warm bed and lots of love before he left us… 3 and a half years we had him! He meant the world to us! So when we were ready to add a new furbaby to our family… We wanted to come back to you guys! So thankful we did… I just can’t believe how in just a little over a week our new little man is doing so well. It’s like we have had him his whole life!!! Thank you for all you guys do! You help so many fur babies and families come together! We are truly blessed and so happy with Koby!