RASKC-C2-Logo-K-8redFrankie came to RASKC as a result of an animal cruelty investigation. An animal control officer brought Frankie to our vet clinic after he was allegedly kicked in the head. Due to the extensive injuries, Frankie’s jaw was broken and he lost his vision.

A vet performed surgery to fix Frankie’s jaw, but it had to be wired shut in order to heal correctly. The cost of the surgery, nearly $5,300, was covered by generous donations to the RASKC Angel Fund.

During his long recovery period, vet staff and Frankie’s foster mom worked diligently to care for him, including daily feedings by syringe.

Frankie made a full recovery and was adopted into a new, loving home. Congratulations to Frankie, and best wishes to him and his new family!

Would you like to help other pets like Frankie? Donate to Regional Animal Services of King County and join us in writing even more Success Stories!

Pet Update! Read about how Frankie is doing in his forever home!


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  1. RASKC is a wonderful, loving, caring shelter for all the animals. They have knowledgeable staff & make sure their volunteers are well trained and happy. I am very proud to be apart of their establishment.

    Frankie was my foster puppy for a year before I adopted him. By that time I allowed myself to fall in love with him as he wrapped his paws around my heart. It has been 2 years now and he is happy and healthy. He is very bright and most people who meet him don’t know he’s blind. He has a personality that is unbeatable ! He has brought a lot of love and joy to our home.

    I am very proud to be his momma !!!

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