RASKC-C2-Logo-K-8redJericho came to the Pet Adoption Center as a stray. He was about three months old and had a severe case of mange.

Mange is caused by a skin mite called Demodex, and is very itchy and painful. It also causes animals to lose their fur. Animals usually contract mange when their immune systems are compromised.

Thanks to the resources provided by generous donors, along with care from a foster family, Jericho was treated and recovered.

Jericho was eventually adopted, and is now living a happy, healthy life with his new family!

Want to be a hero to animals? Donate to Regional Animal Services of King County and help us save lives!


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  1. I am the lucky person who got to adopt Jericho. Words cannot express how much I love this dog. Seeing his before picture reminds me of all that Jericho has overcome and what a handsome boy he has become.

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