Thanks to last week’s snow, Jojen went on a winter WAGS adventure with one of our fabulous volunteers!

As a typical husky, Jojen has a lot of energy, so his adventure involved a fully fenced, two-acre park (with no other dogs) where he got to run around and be his best self! Jojen spent a full 30 minutes walking around and sniffing. Then he got his zoomies on for a couple of laps before calming down and sniffing some more.

During the last part of his visit, he decided he wanted to play fetch. While at the Pet Adoption Center, fetch is one of his favorite games. It was nice seeing Jojen having a good time sniffing running and playing. At the park he enjoyed tossing rope toys in the air and catching them.

Jojen is an independent, smart dog and came to check in with his volunteer often throughout his playtime. He is also very treat motivated so they had many snacks to share. He has husky traits, like a little bit of barking when excited and a little bit of howling, so they did a little howl together in the car ride. He did a pretty good job in the car ride too!

If you’re active and want to go exploring with a best friend, come meet Jojen! He’s a calmer dog when he’s away from the stress of the shelter, but still an active fun lovin’ boy! And as always, thanks to our wonderful volunteers who take dogs out for a day on their WAGS (Walks, Adventures, and Getting Socialized) trips! See Jojen’s profile at