Meet Claire! RASKC is pleased to honor Claire Wang as an Exceptional Youth Volunteer for March. She has contributed almost 1,050 hours by serving as a foster volunteer and previously on RASKC’s Kirkland Cat-Care Team. Claire and her dad started volunteering for RASKC in 2019.

“I’m a senior at Newport High School,” Claire says. “After graduating in a few months, I will study computer science in college. I live in Bellevue. Everyone here is really nice, and there is a lot of good food in the area.

“I like the different animals I get to meet through RASKC. I love animals, especially cats and turtles. Ironically, I am actually allergic to cats, so I can’t have them as pets. The shelter gives me the chance to interact and take care of cats for periods of time that my allergies can handle. I remember a really shy cat at Kirkland that would run away from people. After doing my shift duties, I tried to get her to warm up to me. Surprisingly, it worked! I felt very special.

“I think being a listener is important in life. It helps me understand others better. I end up learning a lot from just hearing someone talk about their day. I like the phrase, ‘speak less, listen more.’ I like George Orwell’s books. My favorite band is probably Glass Animals or Black Marble.

“I am proud to be Chinese/Asian-American. I am very fortunate to live in an environment where there are others who share my cultural values and traditions with me. I speak Mandarin pretty well, thanks to my parents teaching me when I was younger.

“I have family living in New Zealand, so my parents and I have been there many times. I definitely recommend going there for a vacation.

“When I was much younger, my family had chickens. They make wonderful pets.

“I really appreciate the opportunities RASKC has given me. It has been an incredible experience. I’m glad to be able to contribute to the community and to help animals.”

RASKC really appreciates you and your family too, Claire!