January 20, 2022

Happy Tails: Deja

We told you earlier this week about the FANTASTIC results we had from the #BettyWhiteChallenge: nearly $13,000 raised from just under 400 generous donors. Many of the people who gave during the Challenge also shared their RASKC Happy Tails with us, like this one from Christy:

“We adopted Deja on September 17, 2011. She’d been in your facility for about a month. We had another dog and were looking for a female or a puppy as he didn’t do well with males.

“Deja just spoke to me. It was her eyes. So expressive. She fooled us into thinking that she was quiet and passive. Little did we know that we had a whirling dervish on our hands. She’d soar over couches, or anything in her way, she could leap six-foot fences if we’d let her, she’d do a twist of some sort mid-jump. We also learned that she loves laser pointers. She’ll obsess over it, so it doesn’t come out too often.

“Now being 13, we still have a whirling dervish, just on a more subdued level. She and I have absolutely connected. If at any time I’m upset about something, she’ll get up from wherever she was, no matter how comfy she was, and she’d snuggle into my lap or sit up against my legs.

“She’s all about comfort. She’s got her space on the couch that she likes the most and will lie there, but then she’ll come snuggle, too. She goes snowshoeing and we’ve got booties and warm jackets for all three pups.

“The stars were aligned the day we came to your shelter. It was meant to be. I couldn’t imagine life without her. She’s so special. She loves our daughter from the day she came home from the hospital almost five years ago.

“Dogs are a lifetime commitment, and also a part of the family. We all visit Santa every year, they’re a part of our family photos, and on our Christmas card.

“Deja will forever have a special place in my heart. She means the world to all of us and I’m so thankful we came walking through your doors ten years ago.”

Thank you for sharing, Christy! It warms our hearts. If you’d like to share your Happy Tails, contact us at pets@kingcounty.gov.