Meet Lisa! RASKC is very honored to name Lisa Huff as an Outstanding New Volunteer. This SeaTac resident has contributed more shifts in a short amount of time than any other RASKC volunteer in the past 12 years. In a recent three-month period, Lisa came in for more than 60 shifts! She works on the Early Morning Cat Crew and as a Shelter Helper.

“Thanks to RASKC. They have brought such joy to my life. I love being a volunteer here, because of the cats, rabbits, and dogs. They give me a purpose to be who I am, someone with great respect for them. I am very happy being involved at RASKC, who are such kind and good people. Rock on!!!

“I am 50 years young. I am originally from South Dakota and was adopted at age four. I grew up in Montana with my family, the Huffs. Both my parents were teachers for 40 to 50 years, and they adopted two other siblings from different Native tribes. I will always love my parents for sharing their love for us. I am Crow Creek Sioux originally from Chamberlain, Fort Thompson, South Dakota.

“We grew up with lots of animals – horses, rabbits, dogs, and cats. We even had regular visits from the local bear in the neighborhood. LOL. I was involved in 4-H where I showed my rabbit Pendleton, who was a white angora.

“I gave birth to two beautiful Native daughters, Acacia and Regina Huff, who are my pride and joy. They also grew up with dogs and cats. My tabby Serafina would walk my youngest to the bus stop for school and she would be there on time when she came home. Serafina was my constant companion and sadly passed away. I now have Littleone Animosa Huff, now four years old. She was three months old when I adopted her from RASKC. She has been raised as my emotional animal support animal. I can’t imagine life without her.”