Meet Chris! RASKC is profoundly pleased to honor Chris Young as an Exceptional Youth. This Renton resident walks dogs at the shelter – both on his weekly shift and on “fill-in” shifts to help cover absences.

“Many years back I used to volunteer at the Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (now called the Whatcom Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center). I had the unique opportunity to work with baby squirrels, possums, bald eagles, great horned owls, and raccoons.

“I am a second generation Filipino and Thai American. I’ve been lucky to grow up eating home cooking from both cultures. Like many other immigrant families, my family is rich in stories of both struggle and success. Today we cherish the opportunities to gather when safe and possible.

“Last summer I worked with several grassroot organizations to bring kayaking and paddle-boarding opportunities to underrepresented and marginalized communities. Now I am teaching at a local ski school for the first time! In the past, I’ve spent some time teaching friends to ski, and now I hope to take on a new challenge of teaching many more folks.

“At RASKC, I sincerely appreciate the dedication from other volunteers and shelter staff I’ve had the opportunity to walk dogs alongside with. It is a pleasure to volunteer in such a well-organized and highly skilled environment. I’ve gained invaluable insights regarding dog handling skills and come to understand the body language of dogs just a tad bit better. The hardest part of volunteering is resisting the urge to adopt most of the dogs I get to spend time with.  

“There was a dog named Peaty who was AMAZING at fetch. With incredible speed, he always brought the ball back, but best of all – he would try to throw the ball back at you! Just recently another volunteer and I got to spend some time with a 160-pound rottweiler, but he was such a sweetheart. All he wanted was affection. To date, he was one of the biggest and sweetest dogs I’ve ever met.

“I hope to continue volunteering at RASKC for many years to come and to meet many more dogs and other volunteers along the way.”