Meet Vickie!  RASKC is honored to name Vickie Villena as an Outstanding New Volunteer. She has demonstrated phenomenal dedication and skill on the Early Morning Cat Crew- training new volunteers, faithfully working a weekly shift, quite often filling in to cover absences- even on Thanksgiving and Christmas this year! Vickie also helps with donation deliveries, animal transport, and cat photography.

“I grew up here. One of my favorite places to live was in north Seattle, in the Wallingford area. Now I live in Kent with my two rescue cats, Lulu and Pig!

“I have two grown daughters who live pretty close by and five grandchildren!

“I am retired now, but I was a nurse since 1977!! I worked at Valley Medical Center and Talbot Rehab most recently.

“Honesty and kindness❣️ are important to me. During the pandemic quarantine period, I sewed over 1,000 masks and donated them all!

“I provide respite care for three sisters whose mom has Alzheimer’s. 

“I volunteer in the first aid room at the Tacoma Dome several times a year during religious conventions and meetings.

“In the past, I have volunteered for Northwest Harvest. Many moons ago, I also volunteered at the pony ring at the Woodland Park Zoo.

“I hope to continue serving for RASKC as long as I’m able.❤️ Everyone is friendly and hard working! I’ll never forget the time last month or so when I arrived for Early Morning Cat Crew, and there were 20 bunnies, six guinea pigs, and many cats to care for. My arms itched for weeks!”

Thank you very, very, very much for your service, Vickie!