Meet Jodi! RASKC is extraordinarily pleased to honor Jodi Reimer as an Outstanding New Volunteer. Since this Federal Way resident began as a foster volunteer last year, Jodi has already contributed over 1,100 hours! She is pictured here with her cat Teddy Tuna.

Since September is Deaf Awareness Month, it’s worth noting that Jodi recently retired from a full-time job coordinating services for families who have infants/toddlers who are deaf/hard of hearing. Now she works part-time providing respite care to families and providing support to children/teens who have Down Syndrome and/or autism.

“I live with my husband and two rescue cats in Federal Way. We have two adult children who live nearby. Our son has autism and Down syndrome and is my greatest teacher in life. I have written a chapter for a book about our experiences parenting him.

“My husband and I both love hiking and photography. We both have ancestors who were Pacific Northwest pioneers.

“I have a female calico named Kix who is a diva and thinks she ‘owns’ my husband. My orange tabby cat is Teddy Tuna. He is so big that when he lays on my lap, he calms me right down just like a weighted blanket.

“I love to foster kittens. I am a born nurturer and have a lot of love to give these babies. The team members at RASKC are very supportive. I can be a very independent person, but I feel like I have RASKC veterinary services, including Foster Care Coordinator Lori Mason, who are so very dedicated and provide great support to foster parents. My husband is a nurse, who also provides great support with the kittens. Sometimes I text him to tell him I have more kittens, and he doesn’t bat an eye!  I also really love when I hear back from families who have adopted one or two of my former foster kittens. It is so rewarding to know that I had a part in raising someone’s new best friend. Once I was at RASKC in the waiting room and Lori Mason heard me talking to my kittens and loving on them. She asked me if I was a grandma (not yet!). That was a sweet memory!

“Years ago, my husband built a large playhouse for my children in our backyard. It took him so long to finish, that they were too old for a playhouse when it was done. It became my daughter’s bedroom when she was a teenager. Now it is my cattery! It is a nice quiet place, with heat and electricity, for mama cats to care for their babies in peace.

“I am a big fan of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and have seen them in concert twice. One day I am going to name a litter of kittens after all the band members.” Rock on : )

Fun fact: Jodi’s daughter is the Education Manager for Seattle Humane!