Meet Brandon! RASKC is super happy to award Brandon Groscost with Exceptional Youth recognition. Having started on our Cat Meet & Greet Team in 2018, this Kent resident has contributed almost 300 hours. That’s incredible dedication! In 2019, Brandon contributed the second-highest number of hours of any member on the team. (Brandon’s volunteer team is on hiatus during the pandemic).

“Some of my favorite memories volunteering for RASKC include meeting a black cat named Slinky and making friends with the staff and other volunteers. I like interacting with cats and people.

“What’s most important to me are my friends and family, including my dog Paco. He’s an eight-year-old black and grey Chihuahua- very hyper, a bit obnoxious, and barks at everything. And Paco is a lot of fun! My whole family is goofy, and we like to have fun together.”

Fun fact:  Brandon enjoys playing soccer and has achieved some great success. In 2018, he played on the Washington state team that came in first place at the Special Olympics National Games!