August 14, 2021

Kudos from the Community

We love to receive follow-up notes from people we’ve served over the years. It warms our hearts to see a former adoptable pet living their best lives with their new families.

Recently, we received this message from Caroline:

“I’d like to applaud the staff and volunteers of RASKC for their hard work and service to our community.

“RASKC has helped my family and our pets over the eight years of living in King County. We have adopted three pets from RASKC, two feral barn cats and the animal love of my life, Hardy. I have been told that adopting an older dog is only frustrating and disappointing because they are difficult to train and hard to break of bad habits. Hardy was at least four years old at adoption, but is the easiest dog we’ve ever had. Learning his signals, we discovered he was totally housebroken, had a bunch of skills and tricks, and easily picks up new ones. He is an absolute gem, who loves balls, frisbees, swimming, and most of all backpacking and camping with his ‘man.’ While I am the legal owner and was the one who adopted him, Hardy and my husband have an amazing connection that would not be more deep even if he had raised him from a pup. Almost three years later, we could not be more happy with him!

“We had unfortunately needed to surrender one very beloved and otherwise gentle pet because he had a strong prey drive and killed a neighbor’s goat. We were devastated for everyone: our neighbors, the goat, and our beloved dog. But RASKC did their magic and found a wonderful forever home with caring people who understood his story and took the time and patience to give him training and love, allowing him the best doggie life.

“RASKC has also assisted us with a litter of kittens born in the insulation of our barn. Mommy cat is a wily, feral girl who just showed up on our property and we have yet to be able to trap her. (Ideas welcome!) She was neglectful of the kittens and with all household members working, we did not have the ability to give the round-the-clock care they required. When my son reached out to RASKC, they were able to place the kittens immediately with an experienced foster. Thank you!!!!

“I hope people seriously consider adopting from RASKC rather than purchasing a pet. Animals deserve another chance at happiness and love. With training and support from the staff at RASKC, the animal love of your life is waiting for you.”

We are so grateful for people like Caroline who open their hearts and homes to an animal. If you’d like to share your Happy Tails of a former RASKC pet, email us at