August 13, 2021

Pet of the Week: Cordelia

We’re hopping with excitement about Cordelia, our Pet of the Week!

This four-year-old shorthair rabbit was brought in by her previous owner in June because they had too many rabbits and could no longer care for her. Rabbits are intelligent and complex animals who do well in families who understand that they are prey animals, and do not enjoy being picked up or held. This also makes Cordelia one of our “Bashful Blue” personality pets. The best way to bond with Cordelia is to spend time with her on the floor, and shower her with plenty of greens and timothy hay!

Cordelia is a domestic rabbit, and it is recommended that her adopters keep her indoors. The nice thing about having an indoor rabbit is that she can come out of her cage for bunny playtime, in a rabbit-proof area of your home. During this supervised playtime, rabbits often exhibit some of their most fun and interesting behaviors!

This sweet girl would love a family who will interact with her daily to keep her active and social. When rabbits get the space and enrichment they need, they often form deep bonds with their humans.

Like all pets adopted from RASKC, Cordelia’s adoption comes with a free visit to the veterinarian of your choice and 30 days of opt-in pet insurance through Trupanion. Since Cordelia is our Pet of the Week, her adoption fee has been reduced. There’s never been a better time to adopt a pet!

Learn more about Cordelia and all her adoptable friends at Adoptions are by appointment only, so make your reservation online today. If you have questions, contact RASKC at 206-296-7387 (PETS) or email