Graduating from:  Kentlake High School (Kent) and Green River Community College (Auburn) with an associate’s degree 

RASKC Teams: Fostering and RASKC Cat-Care Teams at Covington Petco & Reber Ranch 

How your graduation experience will be unique due to the pandemic: “My school is holding a drive through graduation, and people will be decorating their cars to celebrate!” 

Hoping this will continue post-pandemic: “Practicing safer and healthier habits!” 

Most proud of in the last year or two: Being able to adjust my lifestyle and study habits to meet the demands of online school and finding ways to spend my time that I truly enjoy!” 

Looking forward to: “Going to a movie theater again and getting slurpees, or going to an amusement park and riding roller coasters!” 

What’s next: “In the fall I will be attending the University of Washington, and I plan on studying environmental studies or something similar.” 

Most memorable volunteering experience: “Definitely the first day with four little foster kittens. I loved getting to know them and being able to tell them apart when nobody else could!” 

Advice to new RASKC volunteers: Know “that you’re going to have such an impact on the lives of the animals, even if you feel like it is small!” 

Will you volunteer after graduation? “Yes yes yes! I have had such a wonderful experience volunteering!” 

Fun fact: “We currently have three lovely kitties- Mary, Winnie, and Flareon!”