Graduating from: Raisbeck Aviation High School (Tukwila) 

RASKC Teams: Early Morning Cat Crew  

How your graduation experience will be unique due to the pandemic: “I think there will be less people to witness my graduation, but it will still be special nonetheless.” 

Hoping this will continue post-pandemic: “I hope people will be more conscious about how they’re feeling before they leave the house in order to protect others.” 

Most proud of in the last year or two: “I’m proud of staying on top of all my work, even when it was getting overwhelming at times.” 

Looking forward to: “I’m looking forward to getting outside more.” 

What’s next: “Hopefully a restful summer, and then a productive and fun freshman year in college.” 

Most memorable volunteering experience: “Getting to cuddle this super friendly black cat that didn’t seem to want to let go of me.” 

Advice to new RASKC volunteers: “Engage with the animals– in a safe way, of course.” 

Will you volunteer after graduation?  “Yes, I plan to volunteer even after graduation.” 

Fun fact: “My dog, Apache, doesn’t know how to play fetch. You have to chase him around with the ball in his mouth to get a chance to throw it back.”