Graduating from: Southern New Hampshire University 

RASKC Team: Hospice fostering and the cat-care team at Kirkland Petco 

How your graduation experience will be unique due to the pandemic: “The pandemic has made it challenging to focus and continue with everyday tasks. My heart breaks for everyone who has suffered. Overall, I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to go to school online and finish my degree. 

“I want to say congratulations and best of luck to all the 2021 graduates. Way to persevere through tough times!” 

Hoping this will continue post-pandemic: “Being home with the pets every day!” 

Most proud of in the last year or two: Getting my degree has been a huge accomplishment. It took me several tries and over seven years. I made a decision to do it, and I did. It feels amazing to be right at the brink of achieving such a longterm goal.” 

Looking forward to: “I want to practice my drawing and calligraphy skills. I want to resume volunteering, and I want to do some really great design work. I also look forward to swimming and travel with family and friends. 

What’s next: “I want to do more freelance design work. I have a website and portfolio at, and I want to fill it out with fun clients and projects.” 

Most memorable volunteering experience: “Meeting our handsome senior baby Oliver. My child Jasper and I volunteer together, and we met Oliver at our orientation. It took about a month to decide to give hospice fostering a try and to take him home, but it was one of the best decisions ever. Oliver crossed over the rainbow bridge last year, and he will forever be one of the biggest inspirations for working with animals. Oliver taught us that even though we couldn’t rewrite his story, we could give him the best last chapters possible, which changed both his life and ours. 

“I want to say thanks to my RASKC friends and family for so many great opportunities and having so much love for animals, and I want to say I am looking forward to seeing all of you soon!” 

Advice to new RASKC volunteers: “Become an advocate for the older pets, the challenging ones, and the ones who may get overlooked. They need your love and your voice the most. I want to *nudge* everyone to consider the foster and hospice foster program.” 

Will you volunteer after graduation? “I do! I can’t wait. We volunteer at RASKC and also at Footprints Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. I’m looking forward to getting back to both post graduation/vaccination.” 

Fun fact: “I do pet illustrations over at, and we have tons of art featuring all our pets.”