April 8, 2021

Pet of the Week: Capone

Let us introduce you to Capone, our Pet of the Week!

This senior boy was brought in by an Animal Control Officer in mid-March because his owner passed away. When Capone first arrived at the Pet Adoption Center, he was understandably very nervous and scared. But now that he’s settled in, Capone is quite the lovebug who wants all the petting you will give him!

Capone is a little nervous in new situations, so his personality color is “Bashful Blue.” He’s a gentle and loving cat that likes to take things slow. Capone would do best with a family who understands that he might need some time to warm up. Once he gets to know you, Capone will be a very devoted friend!

There are a couple of things that the vet staff would like you to know before taking Capone home. Capone is a bit overweight and would benefit from regular exercise and a healthy diet. He also has some mild dermatitis which causes him to have some dandruff and shedding. These issues are manageable and will simply require a little TLC from his new humans.

Capone is neutered and microchipped. His adoption comes with a free visit to the veterinarian of your choice and 30 days of opt-in pet insurance through Trupanion. Since he is our Pet of the Week, Capone’s adoption fee has been reduced. Please note that a pet license is a requirement and therefore a fee may be applied.

Can you give this sweet boy a home? Find out more about Capone and all the pets waiting for adoption on our website at kingcounty.gov/AdoptAPet. Adoptions are still by appointment only, so make your reservation on the website. If you have more questions, contact RASKC at 206-296-7387 (PETS) or email pets@kingcounty.gov.