Meet Elsie!  RASKC is super happy to award Exceptional Youth recognition to Elsie Leonard. A sophomore at Monroe High School, Elsie started volunteering on regular shifts on RASKC’s Kirkland Pet-Care Team in March 2015 with her mom. They continued doing so until the pandemic, and we look forward to their returning when it’s safe. 

Elsie points to her family, animals, and friends as to what is most important to her. “My father’s side of the family is from Washington State and live in the same town where I live. My mother’s side is from Puerto Rico and California. Currently my abuelo lives in Puerto Rico, and my Nanna lives in Texas.” 

“I have two boxers, Farrah and Trinity. I’ve had Farrah since kindergarten,” said Elsie. “She’s turning 13 years old, and she’s always been there for me. Trinity, who is turning two soon, is super hyper and loves to play fetch. I also have a five-year-old cat named Perkins who I adopted from RASKC.” 

Elsie has been making money as a dog sitter since 2014. This summer she will be working as a camp counselor. Elsie aspires to be a child psychologist. She said, “My favorite artists are Kali Uchis, The Internet, and Brock Hampton.” 

In terms of RASKC volunteering, “I love seeing the animals getting adopted and going to their new home. I also love seeing how happy it makes the new owners. Getting the cat ready to take home is one of my favorite things to do. Especially if the cat has been there for a while.  

“Working with animals taught me responsibility, dependability, the importance of taking care of animals, the significance of volunteering and giving back to the community. Volunteering also taught me to how to work with people and animals. It’s fun too. Working and loving what you do is a good thing.” 

RASKC dearly appreciates what a responsible and dependable volunteer you are, Elsie!