• RASKC volunteer role: Cat Meet & Greet since 2018; awarded RASKC Exceptional Youth recognition.
  • Graduating from: Kentridge High School (Kent) and Green River College with an associate degree through the Running Start program.
  • Future plans: To study environmental sciences and to play on the women’s soccer team at Lewis & Clark College in Oregon.

What did you like about RASKC volunteering?

Being part of the shelter community. Everyone was so welcoming and so positive. Of course, I liked interacting with and helping the animals too.

What is something that you learned during RASKC volunteering?

I really developed my communication skills, especially when I was training new volunteers. I learned a lot from staff and other volunteers.

Given the COVID quarantine, what is something that is helping you get through these unprecedented times? 

Focusing on my schoolwork and going on hikes.