• RASKC volunteer role: Recently began fostering kittens.
  • Graduating from: Highline College with a degree in interior design.
  • Future plans: To make spaces functional yet beautiful either as a freelancer or as a professional’s sidekick, with a flexible schedule to stay available for my three children.

What do you like about RASKC volunteering?

I enjoy having something the kids and I can do together that helps the community. These little kittens need to be nurtured and loved, and our family is happy to help! We love knowing that we are helping create well-balanced kitties that their future families will enjoy all the more because of our love and care. I also love working with the staff, who obviously love their job and love animals.

What is something that you learned during RASKC volunteering?

I have learned that it’s ok to ask questions and that the staff have the ultimate well-being of these animals at their core. The fact that Foster Care Coordinator Lori Mason makes herself available at all hours of the day 24/7, and with such willingness and eagerness, shows just how big of a heart she has for these animals.

Given the COVID quarantine, what is something that is helping you get through these unprecedented times? 

Again, having a common goal for our family- fostering these kittens- is a good thing for us all to come back to throughout the day. We are all working and schooling from home, all in our own quarters, and can feel detached from each other even though we’re in the same house. But having something that brings us together has been wonderful. We also love playing games together. I also have enjoyed the extra time to exercise, do some bible art journaling, and massive amounts of yard work.