• RASKC volunteer role: Fostering kittens, dogs, and bunnies with her family since 2016.
  • Graduating from: Issaquah High School.   
  • Future plans: To study fashion design at the Pratt Institute in New York City.

What do you like about RASKC volunteering?

I’ve always loved animals, of course. To have so many pass through my care is wonderful. I especially love when a sick or frightened animal comes into our home and transforms into a ready to adopt family member for someone else. It is always rewarding to see that change and progression.

What is something that you learned during RASKC volunteering?

One thing I’ve learned during RASKC volunteering is that there is good all around us. The team of fosters Lori Mason has amassed are willing to give their time, money, and heart to save one animal at a time.

Given the COVID quarantine, what is something that is helping you get through these unprecedented times? 

During quarantine I’ve found a lot of enjoyment through selling my upcycled clothing through my online shop. Even though we are all stuck inside our homes, I’ve had lots of interaction with people all over the country. When someone buys something from me or when I buy from them, our exchange is more than technical. We share our love of vintage and sustainable clothing together.