• RASKC volunteer role: Fostering animals with her family since 2005.
  • Graduating from: Kentwood High School (Kent).
  • Future plans: To major in accounting at the University of Portland.

What do you like about RASKC fostering?

I enjoy the connections I get to make with the animals. I feel like I’m part of something bigger than myself and that I’m making the world a better place one animal at a time. Working with animals can be difficult, but the moment a foster begins to truly trust you is an amazing feeling!

What is something that you learned while fostering RASKC animals?

I’ve learned that every animal has a different personality and each one is unique in its own way. I’ve taken care of animals that were scared of any little noise and animals that own the house as soon as they get taken in. Despite these differences, I’ve learned that all animals want is to be loved and cared for! 

Given the COVID quarantine, what is something that is helping you get through these unprecedented times?  

A: I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring new hobbies (painting and embroidering) and also getting ready for college in the fall! Of course, I’ve also been hanging out with my newly adopted kitten, Fig.  I adopted him from RASKC, of course. He enjoys helping me paint by sitting on my lap.