A sweet, six-year-old orange tabby, Rudolph was the first “Pet of the Week” for 2020. But now, the lucky family who adopts Rudolph won’t need to pay the adoption fee. Starting this month, Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) is waiving the adoption fee for the Pet of the Week. Fees range from $75 for cats age six months and older to $250 for puppies and dogs.


Rudolph, RASKC’s first pet of the week for 2020 to be featured with a waived adoption fee.

“Pet of the Week is about providing a spotlight on pets who have been at the shelter the longest or can be more challenging to find the perfect fit,” said Lluvia Ellison-Morales, Animal Services Administrator at RASKC.

“But it’s also an opportunity to connect and raise awareness of who we are and what we do,” she added. “Our residents may come in to adopt a pet, but then are happily surprised when they find out all the ways we can help them.”

For example, RASKC provides animal control response, barn cats for rodent control, pet assistance, help with lost or found pets, pet licensing, and volunteering opportunities.

RASKC’s well-established social media presence, which include partnerships with local media (Warm 106.9’s “Wet Nose Wednesday” or KIRO 7’s annual Project Paws event, just to name a few) have given the program regular publicity. It was time to give the program another boost.

“RASKC is constantly trying to think outside the box,” Ellison-Morales said.

She added that this is an example of RASKC living the county value of Customer Service. “Our customers are people and pets,” she said.

There’s also an easier way to search for adoptable pets on the RASKC website. People can now search by pet name, animal type, sex, age, ID, behavior and location. Get more information about adoptable animals through RASKC. Maybe you’ll fall in love with a cat, dog or even a guinea pig, and give someone a new home!

Visit our Adoptable Pets page and find your forever friend today!