Meet Kyle! Kyle is a “Renaissance man,” who speaks three languages and is active in many non-profit organizations. Kyle serves as one of RASKC’s most impressive foster volunteers who cares for a number of our pit-bull terriers, pit mixes, and other dogs. Since he started in 2013, Kyle has donated more than 1,100 foster hours to RASKC.

When Foster Coordinator Lori Mason nominated Kyle for this honor, she wrote, “Kyle has fostered many dogs with behavioral issues- mostly Pits. He has turned them around to be suited for society! And I am pretty sure none of his dogs have been returned for behavior issues. Lori also said, “Kyle recently took one of our dogs through two sets of obedience trainings out of his own pocket. The dog chewed siding off of his houses, and she destroyed seven leashes. And Kyle still comes back for more of our dogs. He is amazing with them.” Kyle recently took foster Diesel (pictured) to work. Kyle and his co-workers discovered that the Diesel is a mellow office dog. Thank you, Kyle!

Q: How did you hear about RASKC?
A: I heard about RASKC through the Humane Society and PAWS.

Q: What made you want to volunteer, especially to work with animals?
A: I love pit bulls. When I learned that RASKC receives a lot of them, I wanted to help. In the past six years, I’ve fostered over 20 dogs from various animal organizations. I enjoy their companionships and getting to know them individually and their unique personalities. What I love most is providing them the basic training and command skills to prepare them for their permanent families.

Q: What have you gained and hope to gain from your experience as a volunteer with RASKC?
A: What I’ve learned and gained from volunteer with RASKC surpass all my expectations. Each animal taught me something different, even the ones that I took to obedient trainings. They taught me to be more patient, know how and when to be firm with my decisions, how to be compassionate, and that loyalty is free from each and every one of them.

Q: What is your life motto?
A: I read this a few weeks ago and decided to make it my 2018 motto: “Owning less is way better than organizing more.”

Q: What is the best advice you would give people who want pets?
A: Do your research. Here are a few sites to get started: RASKC, Humane Society, PAWS, Best Friends, ASPCA, and PETA.

Q: Describe a memorable moment you’ve had with an animal.
A: Walking behind a guide dog helping a veteran on a wheelchair navigating through downtown Seattle in the middle of the day with all the noise and traffic without a slight distraction. I observed them for three blocks before they got on a bus. That day I went home and goggled the words duty and loyalty.

Q: What else would you like to say about foster volunteering for RASKC?
A: I’ve met only the nicest and caring people at RASKC and I’m glad to be apart it.