This is the first of nine segments which Univision Seattle, KUNS Channel 51, is proudly airing on Wednesdays at 6pm and 11pm. This segment is general introduction on the services that RASKC provides in order to save pets. Click on the link below to watch the video. Learn more about RASKC’s stories on Univision.  

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Title: Saving Pet’s Lives 
Story by: Jaime Mendez, Reporter and Anchor

For years, every week we have presented to you a pet of the week that is looking for a new home and we have always received lots of positive feedback. Today we want to talk about how King County is working to ensure more animals find homes in our community and also how you can get involved in this wonderful project.

It is time for one of these pets from King County’s shelter to go on his walk. Soon this dog will be adopted out or reunited with original owners all thanks to the amazing work that staff are doing here to improve the lives of animals. [Lluvia] “Many people tend to think that shelters kill animals, and here, it’s not the case. Here we save 9 of 10 animals. ” Before it wasn’t like this, but Lluvia says that ever since a veterinarian was put in charge, that things changed. He is Dr. Mueller, who says he is also very proud of the work that has been created, not only in avoiding to euthanize animals but also in helping to find good homes and bringing together the community. [Gene] “Particularly involving volunteers, such as foster families, in the adoption process.”. That is how this shelter in Kent has been able to create a better job in caring for and adopting out its animals. But here as well, they are also responsible for taking in calls regarding lost pets, dog attacks, or [Lluvia] “if someone sees or believes that there is a neighbor that is abusing a dog, or sees a dog that is in a car and it’s very hot and they want to help”. The operators have a bilingual system, therefore languages are not a barrier, in fact King County wants the public to know more about these shelters/adoption centers. [Lluvia] “right now we are working on translating important materials, overall into Spanish”. And here, not only  are there dogs, but also loving cats who are ready to be adopted. But remember that if you adopt or if you already have a pet, they need to be licensed, well it’s the law. [Lluvia] “All cats and dogs, need to be licensed, it’s the law. But more importantly, aside from it being the law, it’s a good way to protect your pet, it’s a good way to be a responsible pet parent. “ [screen shot with bullet points] Regional Animal Services of King County can serve in Spanish , whether it is wanting to adopt a pet or be a volunteer in a shelter, or call regarding missing pets or abused pets, as well as call regarding animal attacks, you can call (206) 296-PETS and the web page is