This happy guy is our Pet of the Week!

Reggie is a senior Karelian Bear Dog/Border Collie Mix. He may be older, but Reggie is very active and energetic… and a bit of an escape artist! He can get out of fenced yards and go off on his own adventures.

Reggie knows how to sit on command and is very sweet and friendly. However, he does tug on his leash fairly hard when going for walks, so he needs a firm hand guiding him.

Because of his energetic nature and size, Reggie would do best in a home with older kids, and will need a very secure fenced yard under close watch to make sure he doesn’t escape. He would also need to meet any current dogs in your home before being adopted.

If you’re looking for an active older guy to be a walking buddy, Reggie could be the one for you!

Meet Reggie or any of his pals at our Pet Adoption Center in Kent, or online at

We hope to see you soon!