muddy-muttJoin us this Saturday, May 7 for the Muddy Mutt Event! Enjoyment abounds at this ALL-INCLUSIVE event. All sizes, shapes, ages, energy, and fitness levels of dogs (and humans!) are welcome. You can stroll, walk, or run around the course going through the obstacles of your choice, or simply hang out on the course to watch the fun and visit with other Muddy Mutt-ers. This day is for you and your pup. YOU decide what you want to do and when!

The Muddy Mutt Event is not a race, but a day of play where your participation helps our supporting charities. We have dog-themed parks with a lake and a variety of obstacles such as sand, hay, air foam, tunnels, mazes, and of course, the infamous Muddy Mutt Mud Pit (yes, dog washing stations too!). All obstacles and mud are optional. And training tips from the expert canine educators at Great Dog to boot.

Play on the course for as long as you like, and then come enjoy the tailgate area. Once you and your dog get your second winds, head on out to the course again! EVERYONE is welcome to the tailgate area regardless of event participation. Kick back with music, goodies, charities, and adoptable dogs. Enjoy food, free drinks, dog treats, paw print paintings, dog photos, face painting, and much more! Ever wanted to decorate your dog? We have pet-safe “tattoos” for your freshly-bathed pup. It’s a great place to hang out with fellow dog-lovers, enjoy the entertainment, and help support your local charities.

The Muddy Mutt Event is May 7, 10am to 2pm at Camp Korey, 28901 NE Carnation Farm Rd. in Carnation. Learn more at

We’ll see you there!